Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Master Artist of JHC

Nirjala Jha belongs to Brahmin by caste. She is from Basopatti village of Mahottari district. She has three sons and her husband works in a private office. She had never drawn any kind of drawing before joining JHC. She joined JHC with a purpose of earning as her husband’s income was not enough to manage the family expenditure. Now she is earning decent income and her family is not in crisis like in the past.

When she was asked to tell about herself, she said,“….i belong to Brahmin caste. Women are strictly not allowed to work outside in this caste. Village People made so many comments on our decision of joining JHC but we didn’t care as our situation was getting worse day by day. Now I am earning certain amount of money and foreign people love my paintings.”

Nirjala Jha is expert in making ritual and tantric paintings of higher caste of Maithil society. She also draws the paintings of marriage ceremony and festivals of Maithil people very lively. She has awarded two times by local clubs.

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